General Sale Conditions

The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply in its dealings with Nanolandia Sas unipersonale below, the general conditions and pay later, declaring that I have read and accepted all the information provided to him under the rules described below, and also recognizing that does not consider itself bound to different conditions, unless previously agreed writing.
Every purchase transaction will be governed by the provisions of Decree n. 185/99 and, as regards the protection of confidentiality, will be submitted to the rules laid down in Law no. 675/96 and subsequent amendments.

To purchase products on the site is necessary to register in the LOG IN (upper right) by selecting the link "Register".
Once you have registered you can login to enter E-MAIL and PASSWORD fields in the LOG IN section and gain access to sections of purchase.

To purchase products on the site is necessary to register in the LOG IN (upper left) by selecting the link "Register". Once you have registered you can login to enter E-MAIL and PASSWORD fields in the section LOG IN and gain access to sections of purchase.

Each product in stock can be purchased include the quantity and placing it inside the truck. Each product has a button that allows you to add the desired items in your cart. Products in the cart can be viewed at any time by simply clicking on the icon at the top right. The quantities of products in the cart can be altered or canceled simply by changing the number and refreshing the page. Important: if you click the "update cart" quantities will not be changed).
To move forward to purchase simply walk into the shopping cart and submit your order to be following the instructions from the system will require the payment type and delivery method. By confirming the purchase, the customer will receive an automatic notification via email containing the date, amount and details of your order.


The material must be purchased in pre-order followed by an advance payment. The purchase by the preorder ensures a discount to list price and the certainty of having the article at the time of its distribution before it goes out.

Recall that the timing of the payment which exist in part to its pre-order shipment depend only manufacturer that determines the release date. We therefore urge the buyer to pay close attention to the orders he is about to do and the risks they are exposed to storms. In the event that the manufacturer announces the cancellation of the production of an article may be ordered by a customer, Nanolandia sas will refund the amount advanced to the time of the pre inclusive of bank or postal charges incurred (will not be reimbursed during the course of interests ).

All pre-orders not followed by pre-payment will be canceled.

Payments accepted by us are the following:

Credit Cards
Bank Transfer (advance payment)
PostePay (prepayment)

During the purchase of products offered are the following types of shipments:

Services of the Italian
Express Delivery
Collect in shop

Nanolandia s.a.s. no liability whatsoever for goods delivered with no traceable shipping methods (eg Priority Mail) view of the impossibility of being able to identify both the goods is the mistake. If the customer chooses this type of shipment is aware that he takes full responsibility and risks involved.

When purchasing the system automatically calculate the shipping cost based on the amount and size of products in the cart.

For the information of shipping costs please see the fee structure of the Italian post office:

The rates are based on the size and weight of the package to be shipped and will be calculated at time of order, the minimum amount of € 7.00 dispatch. Shipping charges are paid by the purchaser and are considered fixed costs are not refundable.

For those who have the opportunity, we offer online purchasing in-store pick-up and payment. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply select the option "withdrawal in the store" during the closing order. At a time when all products purchased will be physically in the store, you will be notified by mail. Do not spend until you have received this email or you will risk making a pass at our store without finding the material available for purchase. Failure to collect the material, without prior notice, will be followed by the automatic deletion of the user name from the site. We suggest you to buy the material with the "in-store pick" only if you are unsure of his retirement in the next few days. In case of withdrawal with preorders in store, be sure to have the opportunity to go into the store in the days following the exit of the product.

Under the provisions of Leg. January 15, 1992 and Legislative Decree No. 50. May 22, 1999 185, the purchaser is entitled to cancel the purchase of goods ordered on this site, without penalty and without specifying a reason within ten working days from the date of receipt of the goods and if the product delivered sealed, have not been opened.
To exercise the right of withdrawal must send a registered letter indicating the event to exercise the right of withdrawal (D.Lgs. 185/99 of May 22, 1999, implementing EC Directive 97/07/EC), and providing:
The product code for which you decide to exercise the right of withdrawal.
The personal data (surname, name, address, phone number and holder of the c / c on which make the repayment, IBAN).
Nanolandia s.a.s. will make a bank transfer to account number provided, communicating by e-mail.
Refund is not including shipping costs and interest.

For any inconvenience and request for clarification you can contact us through any channel made available and viewable in the contact section.
DVD: If you have trouble playing in DVD format Please contact us for arrangements to return and replacement product. The defective item or damaged will not be refunded, but replaced by a defective copy of the same product. We also ask politely before returning, to signal the type of problem and the point at which the defects DVD playback (minutaggio). If you omitted this information we can not replace the product.

With regard to the defective material, will be screened only report reached us within a short time (about two weeks) from date of purchase.
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All cards are available on site uploadate. Do not contact us in any way to ask about the availability of cards in the catalog.

The cards are sold mainly to high quality mint or near mint. All the new series have been with us and opens but to be considered mint. Between the material prior to the 2002 may be cards purchased by private individuals for which not to be considered mint, but still of high quality. It 'still our intention to maintain the quality of the cards sold very high for the final satisfaction of the purchaser.
If we were to find that the paper has major flaws we will contact you for reporting and assessing, with the purchaser, any shipment or the extinction of the order in place.
If you are willing to buy cards with a value exceeding Euro 50.00 (paper) you can request a photo in front and back of the card which will be delivered by mail.

The service is only available on pre-order box and fat-pack.
We do not accept pre-orders or reservations of spare cards.
Do not contact us asking for this type of service: you'll just have to wait to upload the cards on the site.

For loose papers recommend using the postal services being cheaper and high reliability. Besides the 480 cards should an expedition through the paccocelere3.

Remember that letter and parcel services have a registration number, priority mail is not. Nanolandia S.A.S. should always traceable shipping methods (letter, parcel or express courier) and is not responsible in any way traceable shipping methods do not view the inability to identify the goods and if the mistake.

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