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Within our on-line webstore we provide LOST S.2 SUN AF produced by MCFARLANE TOYS, synonym of high quality, made ​​of PVC and furnished packed in a BLISTER. This is an occasion not to be missed for the fans!

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Inspired by LOST Season 1, Episode 15, "...In Translation." When Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on a seemingly deserted island, Sun and her husband Jin must face the problems of their crumbling marriage. She gradually finds her independence, and in the conclusion of this pivotal episode, sheds her restrictive clothing in an act of defiance and newfound freedom.

Prop: Includes a full-scale replica of Sun's Oceanic boarding pass sleeve. Every passenger aboard doomed Flight 815 carried a boarding pass. This exact reproduction of the Oceanic boarding pass sleeve is available for the first time exclusively from McFarlane Toys! Sound: "Have you never lied to a man you've loved " - "I was going to leave you..... I was going to get away" - "My wedding ring ... it's gone!" - Spoken in Korean: "I'm not saying you should go alone. I'm coming with you." 

  • Manufacturer: MCFARLANE TOYS
  • Category: ACTION FIGURE
  • Type: TV SERIES
  • Height in Cm.: 15
  • Material: PVC
  • Packaging: BLISTER