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Within our on-line webstore we provide LOST S.2 MR ECKO AF produced by MCFARLANE TOYS, synonym of high quality, made ​​of PVC and furnished packed in a BLISTER. This is an occasion not to be missed for the fans!

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Inspired by LOST Season 2, Episode 10, "The 23rd Psalm." One of the survivors from the tail section, Mr. Eko is a man of few words. He sees that Charlie has a familiar statue of the Virgin Mary, and is led to the wreckage of a small plane that holds the remains of his younger brother, killed in Africa a year before.

Prop: Includes a full-scale replica of the DHARMA orientation film frame. Eko finds a missing portion of the Dharma Initiative orientation film hidden within a Bible. When spliced into the portion of the film that Locke has found in the hatch, it reveals vital information to the survivors of Flight 815. Sound: "And tell your friends I let you live. That Mr. Eko let you live." - "I understand that you live in a world where righteousness and evil seem very far apart, but that is not the real world." - "Hello, I am Mr. Eko."

  • Manufacturer: MCFARLANE TOYS
  • Category: ACTION FIGURE
  • Type: TV SERIES
  • Height in Cm.: 15
  • Material: PVC
  • Packaging: BLISTER